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Hello friends, today we are going to talk in detail the procedure of sending and receiving fax online as well as through email. You must have heard about fax or have used it. Fax is the transmission of scanned documents of printable material through telephonic connection to a telephone number connected to a printer or any other output device.

How To Fax Using a Fax Machine

The 1st step is set your Fax Machine up – Before you send or receive fax by using fax machine don’t forget to make sure your fax machine is plugged in and connected to your landline phone connection

  • If you are planning to use the faxing method more frequently, it would be advisable for you to have a separate telephone line for the same, because you cannot use your fax machine and the phone at the same time
  • If you plan to receive a fax document, just make sure your fax machine has toner and paper.
  • You can send one free fax from your local library if you don’t have a fax machine at your home or at work. Or you can pay a pre-determined fee to send fax document from your nearby UPS store to fax your materials [text and image].
  • Adjust your setting – every fax machine is of a different model, but you have the option to adjust some of its settings. Read your manual carefully to find out the features which are available to your machine.
  • If you want to know whether your sent fax is transmitted successfully then turn on the confirmation page setting. After you send the fax the machine will automatically print a page to let you know the fax is sending successfully or not.
  • If you are expecting to receive a  fax from someone, then select either the automatic or manual receive mode as per your requirements to accept the incoming fax.
  • Gather your Documents –  It is advisable to use the original documents rather than the photocopied. This will ensure that the document is clear, cleaner and comfortable to read for the recipient.
  • Always send a fax cover sheet before transmitting the actual document. The cover sheet should contain information such as the sender’s name and fax number, the recipient’s name and fax number, the date, and the number of pages included in the fax.
  • Place your document in the machine – some machine has the feature of both paper feeder and a flatbed screen. If you have a single page then you can use the function but if you have more then 2/3 page then better you use the paper feeder.
  • When you use paper feeder you can insert all your pages at once. Your fax machine icon will indicate in which direction the paper will be facing in the paper feeder. So before you insert the page read the manual feature carefully. Some fax machine has the features of scanning both sides of the document.
  • Enter the fax number – when you entering the fax number, make sure your fax consists of vital details such as the area code, country code, and any number as per your need to dial out. You have to enter the number exactly which you have dial from your phone.
  • Press the send button – after some second you will know the machine transmits the fax and paper will feeding to your fax machine.
  • Some machine says Go or Fax instead of send.
  • Look for a confirmation message – some Fax machine will display to your screen to let you know the fax is transmitted successfully or not. Some machine will give you the print a page for the status of your fax.

How to Send Fax Online

Nowadays fax is less commonly used for communicating purpose.  Most people use to send their fax online because it saves time and also comfortable to use for everyone who uses Smartphone, technology. Now the online fax services have the same feature as fax machine so it better for us whenever we want to fax we just need internet and we can send easily.

Step 1- you have to open the program that you use from the online fax services.

Step 2- you have to choose the file or document which you want to fax.

Step 3- after choosing the file – enter the fax number that you want to send to

Step 4- click the send icon

Step 5- After sending waits some second for your document to finish the transmitting.

Step 6- You can send another fax or you can close the programmed.

How To Receive a Fax Online

Receive fax online is quite easy what you have to do is just connect with the internet to your Smartphone or any devices such as computer and log in to your internet fax account and you will get it. The following steps are given below

Step 1.  To receive a Fax firstly you need to login to your Fax account online.

Step 2.  After login you’re A/c – go to your inbox pages and when you see new fax to your inbox then click to that fax and open it.

Step 3. Now click to the fax attachment to open your fax and view your fax pages.

Way To Send Faxes By Email

With the changing times, the methods of sending the fax and receiving fax have also become easier and even less time-consuming. The latest innovation in the world of the fax is sending the fax through emails. This has made faxing even easier and there is absolutely no hassle of procuring a fax machine for the purpose.

Here are the simple and fast steps through which you can easily send a fax to anyone in the world :

Best Free Fax Online Services

  • Go to FaxZero’s website ( The form which you will find there will be used to send your fax.
  • Fill the Sender’s information and Receiver’s information respectively. Do a cross-check whether your information is correct.
  • You will see a section labeled Fax Information. Select the Choose File option to upload all your files of your fax document.
  • After choosing your required file, select Open to upload your file.
  • Then you may type your desired message for your cover page in the blank box located below the Choose Files option.
  • Next, for the confirmation code, fill in the randomly generated code that is beneath the box.
  • Finally, to submit your document, you have to select either Send Free Fax option or Send $1.99 Fax Now option, depending upon your requirements.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Fax Zero. Make sure you receive this message since clicking on this link is important to send your fax.
  • After your fax is sent, you will receive another email telling you whether your fax has been successfully delivered.

Ways To Receive Email Faxes

With the advancement in technology, receiving fax has become as easy as receiving an email. Here are the easy and fast steps through which you can receive faxes through emails :

  1. To receive a fax, you need to log in to your FaxZero account.
  2. Then go to your inbox page. You will see a notification of new fax.
  3. Click on it to view your fax attachment.